I'm Deepanshu Verma and I do math.

I'm Deepanshu Verma and I do math.

Distinguished Visiting Assistant Professor in Scientific Computing
Emory University
I am working in the research group of Dr. Lars Ruthotto

Research Interests

  • PDE Constrained Optimization
  • Fractional PDEs
  • Inverse Problems
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Machine Learning


Fall 2021 Math 111: Calculus I Primary Instructor Emory University


  1. H. Antil, T.S Brown, R. Löhner, F. Togashi, and D. Verma. Deep Neural Nets with Fixed Bias Configuration.
  2. H. Antil, H.C. Elman, A. Onwunta and, and D. Verma. Novel Deep Neural Networks for Solving Bayesian Statistical Inverse Problems.
  3. H. Antil, R. Arndt, C.N. Rautenberg, and D. Verma. Non-Diffusive Variational Problems with Distributional and Weak Gradient Constraints.
  1. H. Antil, T.S. Brown, R. Khatri, A. Onwunta, D. Verma and M. Warma. Optimal Control, Numerics, and Applications of Fractional PDEs. Accepted in Handbook of Numerical Analysis.
  2. H. Antil, T.S. Brown, D. Verma, and M. Warma. Optimal Control of Fractional PDEs with State and Control Constraints. Accepted in Pure and Applied Functional Analysis 2021.
  3. T.S Brown, H. Antil, R. Löhner, F. Togashi, and D. Verma. Novel DNNs for Stiff ODEs with Applications to Chemically Reacting Flows. Accepted in Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations and Analysis (CFDML) 2021. DOI: arXiv:
  4. H. Antil, R. Khatri, R. Löhner and D. Verma. Fractional Deep Neural Network via Constrained Optimization. Machine Learning: Science and Technology 2020. DOI: arXiv:
  5. H. Antil, D. Verma, and M. Warma. Optimal Control of Fractional Elliptic PDEs with State Constraints and Characterization of the dual of Fractional Order Sobolev Spaces. J Optim Theory Appl 186, 1–23 (2020). DOI: arXiv:
  6. H. Antil, D. Verma, and M. Warma. External Optimal Control of Space-Time Fractional Prabolic PDEs. ESAIM: COCV 26 (2020) 20. DOI: arXiv:

Awards & Honours

  1. Dean's Graduate Award for Excellence for 2019-2020, George Mason University.
  2. Presidential Merit Fellowship, George Mason University.
  3. Presidential Scholar Summer 2020 Research Fellowship, George Mason University.
  4. Achievements in Analysis Award, Department of Mathematics, George Mason University.
  5. Institute Silver Medal for academic excellence, M.Sc. Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology.
  6. 1st rank holder, B.Sc.(H) Mathematics, Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa College, Delhi University, India.

Curriculum Vitae

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